Yasaman Sharifzadeh

Interdisciplinary Artist

Art and Technology researcher
Founder & CEO of Cinema Touraco

Designer and Art director AI Arts /AR /VR and Interactive Arts

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Personal Details

  • Name: Yasaman Sharifzadeh
  • Nationality: Persian

About me

I am an enterpreneur and a media artist. And Founder of Cinema Touraco. Art has been a part of my life since childhood and I've been searching for the right branch of art to express myself . I was always a good painter but that alone didn't fully satisfy me. Managed to graduate in Theater and was lucky enough to advance well. That was mainly due to using a creative touch in forming the most unique perspective for the audience. It was in 2016 that i came across the true potential of digital arts and decided to quit my job in the movie industry and pursue education in digital arts and technology. Since then i've been relentlessly gaining information and experience in creating various AI, AR, VR and hybrid art. Some examples of my work can be seen by visiting the website www.AIarts.ir Before NFT gained its recent hype, i've been producing AI paintings since 2019 and was even managing a small group of neural network specialists. Fortunately i'm not new to this game but been strengthening my profile since 2016 for the right time to shine. hope you enjoy my work and i will be at your service at any time in case of any questions, remarks or proposals.

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Skills & language

AI Art (artificial intelligence)
AR/AR and interactive Arts
digital art (senior)
Art director
Painting, illustration
Media strategies
Art consultant
Crypto trading
Content management


  • EnglishEnglish:high intermediate
  • Persianpersian:native


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